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Saturday, July 30th, 2005

Time:2:59 am.
Mood: devious.
Okay i am finally gonna start trying to astablish this... trying is the word. lol.
Comment to be added... though i dont think anyone will need to haahahah

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Monday, June 27th, 2005

Time:1:48 pm.
kouyami is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com

Whahahah! fear me and my radio activness! lol. sorry i have nothing better to do and i tend to be lazy lately to write anything.... hahahaha. gracie is gone, but carol's almost done her provincial. well i hope she is.
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Saturday, May 7th, 2005

Time:3:10 pm.
YAY! Mouse drawing skills! >D (me being boring...)


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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Time:7:51 pm.
Mood: crushed.
awwwwwwwww mannnnnnnnnn..... i just got the news about MdM. MY juka is goneeee! okay well i didnt like juk athat much except he had such a nice voice. reminded me of gackt and klaha. >_
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awwwwwwwww mannnnnnnnnn..... i just got the news about MdM. MY juka is goneeee! okay well i didnt like juk athat much except he had such a nice voice. reminded me of gackt and klaha. >_<::: want proof?

Juka, the vocalist of Moi dix Mois decided to leave the project member after the concert at Shibuya AX on April 24, 2005.
It is regretful since his sweet and mellow voice united to my music graceful and it becomes awesome.

But I want to sublimate the things that we gained in Europe tour and show the greatest performance of this 5 members.

Moi dix Mois will continue to evolve more and more.


i hope mana doesnt find anyone cruddy cause he now has an expectation. =S lol tetsu holy crap he sounded like a dying cat. *shudders*. but still poooor juka i wonder why he wants to quit? =( any state, i'm sad to see him go. and mana was so excited about his europe concert it was kinda weird cause he talked about it a lot. hahahhaha guess it was a good turn out.

Right now i'm trying to compress my photoshop 7.0 even more so i can e-mail it to myself because STUPID MSN isnt letting me recieve it in my new comp cause its "Potentially harmfull" and i dont know how to HELL to stop it. i need someway to get it to my comp as well as recieving files from other people. RAWR!

if anyone knows TELL ME. cause i really need to know. Uhhh... yeah

went to airband today. wasnt that good. jess did i preatty good job herself...but who wouldnt win against the others? i'm sorry to say that too. i miss the jiggling indian and the "his pants were tooooooooooo tight!" lol why didnt they do it this year? i dont know n i wish they did. >_>;;; well... one of these days... =S
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Sunday, April 24th, 2005

Time:5:36 pm.
Mood: high.
HAHAHAHAHH guess what i've been doing?!?!?!.... okay.. in a perverted sense its not smex. lol. well maybe from reading pandect but... *nosebleed* pandect is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. lol. but i've been downloading so much. its so funny. guess what i was downloading?


somethings i pointed out is.... when tommy becomes the white ranger, he was a "bulge" lol XD also when he gets the sword, dagger, etc, thinger. its plastic... its rounded... like... you see it @ frontal view and its think and rounded like a plastic sword. and it also made me really sad cause adam become fat. still. =(. lol. and its so exaaggerated. hahahaha you guys should watch this again. its AWESOME. lol. and i also think irene was wrong. they didnt take the snippits from the old one, its all new. and i'm serious. lol. its just really cruddy looking. loll. and the green ranger's chest padding looked so funny to me. and he was so falsely evil he was doing the whole muwahahahah thing. hehehhee. so funny.

and digimon wasnt any better. XD. apoclymon. i know i told everyone bout this but seriously how funny is...."WHY DO YOU GET THE PIZZA WHEn i get the crUSSSSSSSST?!?!!?!??!" hhahahahahhaha. and davis, tk and ken are so funny. in the sense that tk kicks kens ass and ken wasnt all dramatic like "CURRRRRRSEEEEE YOU!!!" it was like... "i guess i'm not as great as i think i am. " >_>;;; lamerz! lol. so funny tho.

also i downloaded ekin cheng, singing to butterfly in canto. i'm kinda peeved. its weird... like SERIOUSLY.

Japanese: Nani ga wow wow wow wow wow ......
Canto: Ngaw *something* go go go go go.....
Japanese : on my love
Canto: Oh lets FIGHT!

>_< dont tell me you dont hear that. i also had a file a LONG TIME AGO that was jackie chan singing a canto version of "Lets make a man out of you" from mulan. as well as someone else.. singing a canto version of fire (it was the the chinese channel. and on it some guy was dressed like agunimon with a bright yellow wig..... >_>;;)

hahahah i still cant get over the fact that tommy had a bulge! i made this statement b4 but still. XD B-U-L-G-E! wonder what that means? XD. also i love his hair when its cut and gelled. reminds me of merton dingle (Danny Smith) from BWoC. xcept better looking.

i also downloaded a episode called Forever Red. this is my second time seeing it and its like... 10 red rangers all together fighting a general from the machine empire. lol. that episode its Mighty Morphin Power Rangers till Wild Force Rescue Rangers. lol. the only one i actully noticed WASNT there was Rocky. he is the one that Jason gave his powers to, and right before Tommy. Love that epi. My Fangirl intentions tell me there is something between Jason and Tommy but then again... *coughcough* lol.

anyways i need to read something or like... do math or something... >_> *coughchemlabcough* lol. not that i WONT do it per say... i might just...stall until someone i know goes online... and does it for me XD! lol. j/k....not really.. kinda.. XD okay going now.
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Friday, April 22nd, 2005

Time:12:42 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
*sighssssssssssssss* i dont wnat to do anything today. everything is so...blah. in physics i was falling aslp, in japanese we had a kanji test but then afterwards we found out that officially there wont be any japanese twelve so now we can do what ever we want...but then the grade 12s are in our class so we cant do any thing outside of the class room. =P thats cool. i hope we're not doing anything in English. Also i feel kinda useless right now, like... i was asked to give something to someone i dont know, and i kinda stalled. what do you do? take it and giv eit to the person you dont even know, or say no give it to someone who knows her better. i know its a trvial thing but... iuno i didnt feel like i was comfortable giving it to her. i also have zero energy, the apple juice and psycho le cemu isnt making me any hyper. blah... we're also doing dreamweaver but then... i dont know how to use it properly. >_>;;;; yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, hung out with ms.ng for a bit. stayed in the mathrooom all lunch. =_=;; sounds nerdy. and it didnt help that half the people there were playing chess... so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah/ okay i have 40 minutes and i'm zoned out. uhm. okayyy i'll reaad 10k now.
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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

Time:1:47 pm.
<lj-cut text="Sasunaru Drabble anyone wanna help?> Jealousy is a human nature. and since i am human, i can become jealous. Unfortunatly like many others, I am easily jealous. This jealousy is unnessecery and insignificant but it still is there, deeply lodged in my mind. My eyes show me what is plainly infront of me, but my heart says otherwise, it shows deception and falsehood. I watch in silence, burying the monster which wants to lash onto what is mine. but in truth, it isnt mine. I can't protectivly shield what isn't mine from others. This feeling of burning within me cant be helped, and i cant help but stay in the darkness, never to see the light incomplete...
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Monday, April 18th, 2005

Subject:Fan Girl PLC mode.
Time:10:24 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
i'm JEALOUS. i fianlly downloaded the PLC concert in the USA. and i am JEALOUS. because 1 they didnt come visit me. (yeah right like they would..) and 2 the americans got to see them and we didnt. =( wait... isnt that the same thing. but it was kinda cute. cause they did something that made me laugh. like... how seek was buying groceries and was making sandwishes (for himself or the band i have no clue) and it kinda made me laugh cause the americans were so happy one girl wouldnt stop crying. ALOT. lol. and they were taking pictures with the fans. and when they did that i couldnt help but think about what i would do. lol i would prolli take the picture and then MESS UP THEIR HAIR and makeup. cause i would wanna touch em. >D fufufufufu. iuno that the type of person i am. lol. but i think about it. and if i was to glomp one of them i wouldnt know which one... except not lida and aya. maybe seek daishi or yura. heheheheh. well and it also depends on their costume. hahaha. and some of the stuff translated b y the translator cracked me up too. like. when some guy asked about heir costumes and where they got hteir ideas, daishi said it was cause none of them had any girlfriends. XD HAHAHAHAH... made me laugh so much. i still think lida and aya arnt good looking though. lol. and yura actully has a really big nose. but it fits with his face. wel.. to me anyways. okay i'm dont with my fan girl rantings FUFUFUF .the end.

aya has a low LOW voice that its scary.
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Time:12:33 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
*Sighs* I dont want to go to english... or school mucch lessly.

chem i'm doing HORRIBLE i SCREWED Up my test a bajilllllion X. screwd up one page that was important because i didnt balance the equasion right. and i cant make it up anyway except if i ACE the next test by like.... a BAJILLION not to mention my lab was screwed in the sense that.... well.. the lab didnt go as it was supposta go. we were supposta measure the H gas, but then somehow it ended up that it didnt reach the water level so we couldnt properly end it. so i thinkwe're screwed. as well as....my other lab with the zinc, ada says we didnt measure it right or something so that lab is semi screwed as well. *sighs* SO SCREWED!

and english. god damn dont get me started. i hate the stupid book lord of the flies. i want to burn in ...the incinerator. XD. and it doesnt help that its so dry, much worse than to killa mockingbird. ARGH! psycho lady. =_=;;; so i ressorted to reaaading sparknotes. cause i'm lazy. hahahaha.

We're planning a new game in the JapanFest, which is like... about the music. so we're going to see who is top ranking, like who knows the most music. its gonna be KICK'N so whoever you know, bring em along (and grace i'm talking about you n jennifer >D i'm sure she would know some) but its like a buck to play with a prizeeeeeeeeee. OOOoooOOOOoooOOo prize. lol.

Also in japanese we sang songs. well song. lol. it was so funny. it was the doll festival song that they sing and it cracked me up so much cause me and ash were acting like idiots cause we purporsly sang screwed up. XD sounded like a funeral and reminded me of aoi tsuki (by DeG) lol. Also been hyped up bout psycho le cemu. hehhe i dont know if i mention it but.... okay actully i'll go and check now...w a i t...

okay i didnt mention it. but i downloaded a file called MAGICAL TV from psycho le cemu. OMG IT CRACKED ME UP!!!!! lol. like they were playing house. i dont think i can find any images but i can prolli screencap it if anyone knows any good screencapping programs....

but they were playing house. in http://hk.geocities.com/psycho_kimi/psycho0815.jpg
that costume. lol. XD. and Seek was the mom (a creepy one at that...), aya was the sister (with the smokes and the usually low voice for a girl), Daishi was the little brother (who reminded me of tony actully...)and Yura-sama was the dad (wearing a dress with a hitler mustache and glasses) not to mention LIDA - Ojiisan (OMg he drew wrinkle lines on his lips and wore a bald cap with a cane.).

CRACKED ME UP SO MUCH SO FUNNY> OMG you GOTTA watch it/. fuwahhahahaa...
cause there was a point were daishi and aya covred their eyes and yura-sama and seek weree prentending to kiss and hung and stuff. fufufuufuf.

i also downloaded a file where yura-sama taught you to dance to Gekai Merry go Round. hehehehe. i know ALMOST ALL THE STEPS (fear me!) lol.

i'm hyper now can you tell?> i also decided i want to do a PLC costume cause they are so funny. HEHEHEHEHE. maybe yura or seek. or daishi or lida... just not aya...okay well maybe one of them.. the ninja one but other than that one.
Okay well i havent decided yet so sue me. lol. lalalla. okay i have 40 minutes and i finished.... the work that we actullly need so i become a weirdo....

PS> AYA IS GROSS. he is a bit funny but GROSS... lookie..
micheal jackson anyone?
Protestue man.
Just plain CREEPY! >_>;;; lol

I love carol! ^^ (ahh! attack of the keyboard stealing carol! hahah j/k)
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Sunday, April 17th, 2005

Time:2:13 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
awesomeness! i got a guitar. DAMN STRAIT YOU HEARD ME. its AWESOME. lol my dad got it in edmonton cause it was like...cheaper. and if he got me a guitar 1) he can play it if he doesnt want to play him guitar, 2) it distracts me from asking about a bass or drums which are usually background for rythem and bass...(it also stops me from joining a band..or lessensd the chance of it... XD) and 3) its acoustic compared to a electric AND it can have an amp pluged it. lol.this is so cool/ its bright red and shiny. i can only do a bit of melodies and maybe one or two chords by memory... hahah.. but id ont have a pick... so i either use.. nekkid shikamaru or my moi dix mois keychain with the pick attached to it. but i rather use shika. cause well... hes not as expensive and hez cool in his own way... maybe one day i'll go to richmond and buy a proper pick. or something... maybe. but DAMN does it hurt. my left hand is basically all numb. and the tips of my index, ring and middle fingers are all red and throbbing also i cannot do chords at all. they sound horrinble righ tnow. but then again i just started learning today.... hmmm.. i wanna find tabs i can play...at least kinda...
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Thursday, April 14th, 2005

Time:1:03 pm.
Mood: crazy.
*sighs* why do i have to be such a goody-goody. why cant i freaking skip. u_u;; i want to be at brentwood. RAWR. hmm... maybe i should protect my entries more... >_>;;; yeah okay. i'll protect em. hhaha jus tin case right? >D
i might not becaue to have a friends only journal. but... my newer enteries willl be protected from thosse who dont know me cause i can say screw you! XD iuno i'm bitter and i want to be able to put names in my journal without people seeing who i'm talking about right? so the friend thing starts here! fuwauahahahaha... less its an average ranting. XD
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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

Time:1:50 am.
Mood: giggly.
yes its almost two now and i'm updating my lj. why might you ask? because 1 i feel like it. and 2 i'mtalking to winnie and i really really feel like it. hhahaha.

but today i had a mental scar in my head. why? because on the new msn7 you can see the profile pics b4 talking to them. i click ed on one by accident *coughgtsang* andit mentally damaged me. he was shirtless. with this mischievious look on his face. its REALLY scary. cause the skin. I SEE THE SKIN. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! mental mental UNWANTED pr0n. of UNWANTED PERSON. YUCKY. ARGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

winnie and I are reminicing. its kinda fun. we were tlaking bout lysa. and the fact that i cant STAND her. i just want to..... ARGH! lol.

also... shes saying things and they make me think of ___________ <-guess. heh. the more i think the more adorable he becomes. which is a REALLY WEIRD descriptive word for him. XD hehehhe. adorable. XD cracks me up. i miss him before. but then again. he hasnt changed much. hehehe.

and yea i was working on my chem and i found out that next weeks tutorial day is the LAST tutorial day this year. u_u;; i'm sad cause i cant slp i nthe morning or i cant do my hwk i didnt finish and the sort....

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Monday, April 11th, 2005

Time:12:12 am.
Mood: pissed off.
How the hell does it go from best day of life (friday) to worst? ARGH. 1. i'm screwed. and 2. i'm screwed. maybe oneday i will ram my head into a wall and go into a comatose either that or i will have temperary memory loss. like i mean. "duhhh whats my name?" lol. thta way i can run and hide from everyone. either that or try and live in the zoo with the lions. eating steak. lol. lucky bastards. ....*sighs* the world is out to get me. *sighs* i wonder if this is what god is planning. my suicide or something. or maybe it'll make me stronger... but with too much it just might crush me and send me to a therapist. and i will go durrrrrrrrrrrr. and the visiting hours will be from 2-9. the end. and no i will not commit suicide. i'm allergic to pain ... but then i 'm allergic to cookie as well.. and you dont see any improvements. and yes i am S-E-L-F-I-S-H. i do care abot everyone around me, i do my part in bits and not everyone sees it. but you know what? i do care. i do FUCKING care dispite of what you say or do. wow. that contradicted everything i just said. lol. okay lets see.. .i'm a selfish person whois basically afraid of everything. but i will push away my selfish desires in order for someone to remain happy. and if thats not possible. then i'll do what i think is best. dont decide if i'm a good person or not. i look for results. if that means i'm not in them, and i think they're better off without me. so be it.

(and if you're wondering what i'm talking about, i'm not telling. and if you know. keep it to yourself unless you're directly involved.)

The end. and i'm pissed now. so i go rawr and you go ahh = run. (why? because i am NEVER pissed. i have only gotten pissed to this extent once. and that was the problem with .... yeah. the misuse of love. using it for greedy purposes/not me this time. someone else/ and flaunting it. made me wanna go to asia and kick her ass. and on new years too. fucking bitch. no one and i mean NO ONE will get away with tainting the love of someone i care about. or else i will FUCKING KILL YOU. )
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Friday, April 8th, 2005

Time:12:30 pm.
Mood: amused.
okay he got it. heh. ^^;; i'm so bad. lol. kinda cute actuuly.... heh heh hehh.... hmm.... okay i'm day dreaming. lol. hehhe kinda cute... okay now i'm repeating myself. today has to be one of the best days of my life. lol. the world is partly right again. besides the point that _______ saw my friendlyhostility. /pif. like really. lol. oh well.

hmm i have to work on a few stuff for photoshop over the week end. and i also have to wrap a carpet (how the hell do you do that?) lol. its for the babyshower on saturday. ^-^ Anna is almost due. its kinda scary cause of all the pain but i remember hearding something from the show about jesus that mary was watching saying that a mother is really really angry when in child labour but when t he baby is born the anger is forgotten. lol. yes. i've gotten more religious. partly because of what my sister told me.

lol. i was talking to my sister till 1:45am on....wednesday? lol. we were talking about our family and there are so many stories no one is sure which one is true. but its actully really scary some of the things i heard and talked about. so yeah. anyways... so supposidly the reason why i'm a girl is becuase my sister prayed and my brothers didnt. and supposidly my parents thought i had some emotional trama because of my brothers. i slightly agree with that but i dont think its my brothers hahaha i think its me bottling things up. *shrugs* oh well i only lash out once in a while to certain people that piss me off. and i just want to punch them in the face. but i cant because i'm a good person *cough cough*

anyways i'm working @ it except my photoshop KEEPS FREEZING! >( oh well i'm gonna reboot it righ tnow. bleh. okay i'll edit in the name later but you can guess who i am tlaking about fuwhaahhahaha. okay l8r
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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

Time:1:36 pm.
Mood: scared.
Argh. the comp crashed when iwas typing this out so i gotta do it again -_-;;

long story short. I went RAWR! becuase SOMEONE Didnt come to me @ the end of japanese class...AND left. and he KNEW that he was supposta come and get it. /pif. oh well.

2nd story i worte was that i'm spazzing cause of my english debate next class ARGH stupid reading. if we didnt read we could not take english and therefore... yeah. but then i'm on the proside.

Reading well is a nessecery for living well.. BAH. everyone knows that! monsters. lol. and i'm against jared miller and ASian farque(?) i dont know hwo to spell it but yeah. ARGH i'm also screwed for physics, math, chem, and yeah. lol. lets just say i'm screwed for everything. nothing goes according to plan and i'm angry....

But i did get a new fandom. do you know what it is? i'm not ognna say less you click the cut. >)

Click me and find the fandom...and ranting.Collapse )
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Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Time:12:27 pm.
Mood: high.
I AM SO going to Anime evolution this year. HOLY CRAP! Freaking Black ranger is going to be there! i SWEAR! so cool. X3! not zack but adam. hehehhe. i thought he was so cool. *Squeel!* *bounces around* omgomgomgomgomg I am so SPIKED about it. I bet Nicole would be jealous >) fuwahahhahahahaha.... GAH! dont believe me? look for yourself!


Fuwahhahahaah... I also found areally cute site. ok well..its a forum... but not JUST ANYFORUM its so cute. i found it from the pandect site. check it out.


my chara is Malicious Crescent if you wanna check it out... ^-^ hez cute...but i'm poor so he gets hobo pants. lol.

~<3 i still cant believe that i get to meet the guy who played adam fuufufufufufufufufufufuf. he was so awesome. XD i also want to watch some of the old episodes. =S but they're so hard to find. but there WAS the really cool episode that was al the red rangers... haha that was pretty cool... now if only everyone else did the same. like i mean all theother cast and crew too. hahaha i cant believe that only tommy was the "amazing red ranger" not jason. ironically i think tommy was the only ranger to be evil. XD i think... i'm not sure though.

I looked @ the site of adam's.... hez goten fat. u_u;;; there goes my excitement. hahaha. he WAS pretty good looking...to me anyways. but... was.

I was also checking out the other guests, and it turns out broken saints are coming. XD they're pretty cool... i think phil knows them which is CRAAAAAAAAAAZY. XD i think it was phil anyways. *shrugs* i'll prolli tell him later just to show how cool i am (?people go wth?) hahah yes i'm in... Computer class....fun. =_=;;; everyone is @ work exp. so i'm the only one at my desk. u_u;;; sad aint it? lol. oh well. i have you...kinda no not really.

i wonder where grace is... are you having fun?? i'm jealous as heck that i cant sleep in and have a carefree time....

I'm in deep shit. i wont tell why, but i hate to say i lied. when it comes to the bone, i guess i do believe in god. lol. since i' m in deep shit right now i've been praying (...yes praying... its kinda scary actullly) and SUDDENLY! do you know who my sub was today? JESUS! okay not really... but he looks like jesus. he just needs long shaggy hair and robes. lol. so funny.

(dont hurt me grace. >_<;;;) so yeah. to the point i do believe there is god... but which god i dont know... its easiest to talk to the christian god so.... yes. okay i'm leaving now before i get beaten up. AHH! NO GRACE NO!!! *hides under a blanket* just kidding... grace would hurt me ...right.? ....hopefully... >_>;;;

hmm i've been debating about who i should be for the con. debating debating. i was thinking maybe ishida from bleach... or maybe a shinigami, or maybe jrock? or naruto? or... aww hell i dont know. *shrugs* any suggestions?
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Monday, March 21st, 2005

Time:5:13 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
HAhah i havent updated in a while. Why may you ask? BEcause i am lazy and i dislike writing things twice. and i dont really care for what other people think sometimes. hahahhahah anyways... its spring break. and ihave nothing to do. which is good and bad... >_>;; but i am going to go on a shopping spree for disney movies... BWAHAHAHHA... hahah yeah..

bleh.Collapse )

i need fanfiction and doujins.... hmm...
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Monday, February 21st, 2005

Time:12:41 pm.
Mood: amused.
lalallaalaa... i'm n IT class agann. i'm doomed this week. >_<;;; i have 3 tests. all of them hard. =_=;;; Chem, physics and math. in that order. ARGH stupid school. lol. Physics i'm gonna die. hahah i swear... Also chem s okay...i think i finally memorized the nomenclaturing.haaha that took al weekend. =_=;;okay yeah. hahaha i'm screwed. ... Also on friday i guess we (carol grace n ash n me) arnt going out =S carol has work exp and grace might go to richmond... so i might end up going out wiht nicole. =P. i forgot to cal her the other day tho coz dylan was over and working on my comp. lol. my bad. hahahahah today is day one of the grade 12's exit interviews XD Novem was so paranoid. lol. she kept thinking i was laughin @ her. but i wasnt... lol. i just played along with it after wards. haha some of the guylooks rellly good with the suits >D my pervert sense is tingling. XD xpecially with __________ DAMNED did he look good. fufufufuf. i shoudl wear it more often. rawr. lol XD hahahah i'm sounding like Nicole now. hahahahahhaha okay i go back to photoshop.... ugh FLASH> icky. lol. so yeas. to recap. ME = pervert. ahahahahahahah i say that so often now that it isnt funny... so then why am i saying it? BECAUSE ITS TRUE! FUFUFUFUFUFUFU, I wanna do XXXXX by XXXX and then XXX and XXXX LOL gravitationnnnnn. heheheheh....... so yes. I also drew a photo of mana... one day i will make carol scan in my photos and then i shall no longer become alurker! FUWAHAHHAHAAHA ... either that or get a tablet... heheh. >D
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Saturday, February 12th, 2005

Subject:GUESS WHO GOT PHOTOS?!?! /Documentary
Time:10:15 pm.
Mood: excited.
Well... it seems i cannot enter my MSN. >_>;; it crapped out on me. /pif. lol. made me install 6.2 ...and well.... its not working. it freezes out on me. SUCKS! but.....

Guess who got the Photos?!?!?!?!?


LOL. seriously i do have the photos. uhm... the photos, when i took them to super store costed about... uhm... 5.38 per 24 shots incl. doubles... and usually reprints are more expensive.... prolli... lol. uhm.. yeah.. fight amongst yourselfs for the cheaper price... that also means that parents = dont see the photos (too bad for them) lol.

i was kinda disappointed in some photos. like BANG ON! they didnt get the sign, and i accidentally covered Carol with my peace sign... ^^:;; my bad... lol.

but you know what? My album is almost full. XD go me! hahah gotta get a new one when we go out next time. lol. its funny coz i think Carol is embarrassed when there are people around. lol. OMG the picture we took with Dante... hahahha ITS A PERFECT SHOT. lol. XD P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N! lol. *cough cough* lol. hmmm... i'll do a documentary on all the photos. =D kills some time i guess without msn now...

Documentary of photos! YAY!Collapse )

88.hahahha i went too far. no more photos. =( but we DID go up to 87! hahah I need 31 more photos to take to fill up my friends album. ^^. I'm gonna get my own camra, and then i'm gonna take picture with everything. I'm gonna bring it to japanese class one day and take a photo with Andy. coz hez gradding n i dont want to not have a photo with him. hahhaa you know what i mean? also i'll make doubles or osmething and then he can have a photo with me too. hahhahaha i'm such the nerd. XD. well... right now i'm supposta b cleaning my room. SUPPOSTA> i als ohave a chem proj due on friday so i'm gonna work my ass of tomomlo. also i have to finish math and my philosopy of life. >_<;; sucks. oh well. i'm gonna write a story about mescaline for my chem proj. ANY ONE WANNA HELP ME?!!??! ...i guess not u_u;;; hhahaha. ph well.. i'm getting slpy. i'm gonna call kelvin or something... scary i'm gettin gclose to kelvin! he knows my dark deep secrets =O! i'm dooomed! hahahahah anyways g'Night. !!!!
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Friday, February 11th, 2005

Time:12:17 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
hahahaha there isnt any new posts really... so i shall post! hahaha... but thats ok no one reads my stuff anyways. lol. I want to join a Digimon RP! hahahha but all the really cool people are taken. I think i wanna be jyou coz hez so jittery. lol. fun. lol. i also dont have aim so no RPing really. lol. ahhh... i'll get the digimon season 1 and zero 2 first and watch it all so then i will be like >D @ the end! ahahhahahahah dun udn dun! hahah oneday. i will. lol. i'll spend my hundred eon the digimon-ness. lol.. coz i LURVE it so much. lol. ashley is kinda laughing @ me and shes saying how her net isnt working very well... lol. okay IT is starting...i guess that means i have to work soon... >_>;;;; okay aynawys l8r... hahahah the LJ has nothing really inportant on it that i believe in. lol. its just...me being bored. lol. oh well I <3 my comunities and stuffs! lol
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